Today’s Headlines

  • NTSB Chair: My 5-year-old Minivan Has Better Safety Features Than Most Large Buses (AP)
  • Video: Obama Calls for Cutting Oil Imports By a Third (WaPo)
  • Miami Herald Editorial: Aren’t Empty Suburban Homes a Sign That Sprawl Isn’t Working?
  • Rules About Rail, Airline Unions Could Bring Down Aviation Bill (The Hill)
  • Among the States Asking for Wisconsin’s Rejected Rail Funds Is… Wisconsin (GreenTechMedia)
  • Getting Greedy: California Now Wants All of Florida’s Rail Money (LAT)
  • Why the Resistance to Mass Transit? It’s Our Only Way Out of the Jam We’re In (Reuters)
  • Honolulu Rail Opponents Hire Top Environmental Lawyer (KHON)
  • Should Taxpayers Be Funding a Streetcar Line to Portland’s Wealthy Suburb? (Oregonian)
  • Speed Limits on the Autobahn (!) and Clean Car Zones in Europe’s Cities (Wired)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Now let me understand this: Germany will impose speed limits on the autobahns and bar fossil-fuel burning vehicles from the core cities. All this by 2050. More likely everyone who signed on to this will be dead by then.

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