Today’s Headlines

  • Murkowski: Egypt a “Wake-Up Call” for Energy (Politico)
  • Details of Bay Area HSR Plan Delayed for a Year (San Mateo County Times)
  • HOT Lane Plans Are Back, Except in Arlington (WaPo)
  • Coalition for Smarter Growth Slams Virginia Transpo Plan (WaPo)
  • Harry Reid Gives Up Earmarks — Sort Of (LVRJ, Politico)
  • Gulf Recovering Quickly, Report Says (NYT)
  • Americans Want Alternatives in an Energy Bill (Gallup)
  • Should New Jersey Roll Back Planned Toll Hikes? (
  • Smart Growth America Ranks States on Spending (PBN)
  • Despite Benefits, LA Delays Bus-Only Lane (NRDC)
  • Omri

    Dear Republicans: the crisis in Egypt is not a reason to speed up our exhaustion of what little oil we have left.