Today’s Headlines

  • President Will Talk Infrastructure in State of the Union (Transpo Nation)
  • Sen. Kerry Expects Obama Will Launch New Climate Initiative in SOTU (The Hill)
  • Video: Mayors Speak Out on Need for Infrastructure Investment (Time)
  • GOP Leader Says “Just Spend More” Isn’t the Answer to Infrastructure Crisis (Transpo Nation)
  • Guangzhou Wins Sustainable Transport Award for Bus Rapid Transit, Bike Facilities (Nat Geo, ITDP)
  • Chevron Would Rather Pay Millions to K Street Lobbyists Than Clean Up Its Mess in the Amazon (Grist)
  • California Leads the Nation on “Clean” Car Standards With EPA and DOT Support (LAT)
  • Transportation Industry Can Expect Tougher Regulation from Agencies This Year (JOC)
  • Rahm Emanuel Finally Talks Transit, Just Before Being Booted From Race (Chicago Tribune)
  • What If All Transit Agencies Reimbursed Riders for Service Cuts, Like Atlanta’s MARTA? (AJC)
  • Madison Latest City to Get on the Bike-Share Bandwagon (Wisc. State Journal)

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