Today’s Headlines

  • What Happens to Rural Areas as the World’s Population Moves to Cities? (Good)
  • Former LA Port Worker Pushes to Dump Planned Highway Extension, Build Rail Instead (Burbank Leader)
  • LaHood Hits Back Against Post Editorial Slamming High Speed Rail Plans (WaPo)
  • WaPo Also Takes Aim at VA Gov. McDonnell’s Unpaid-For Transpo Plans
  • Why Aren’t Chicago’s Mayoral Candidates Talking About Transit? (Tribune)
  • NJ Lawmakers to Gov. Christie: Cut Tolls That Were Implemented to Pay for ARC Tunnel (Land Line)
  • United Van Lines Tracks Migration Patterns: Americans Are Moving West and South
  • Grassroots, Business Initiatives Press Florida Gov to Say Yes to High Speed Rail (Sun Sentinel)
  • Looking for a More Cost-Effective Way to Transport the Disabled (Toronto Star)
  • Affordable Housing Tools for Avoiding Transit-Oriented Gentrification (GGW)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. It would be quite satisfying to see Christie get his come-uppance for first stealing ARC funds for roads, and then have the legislature reclaim those road funds! Of course, more satisfying would be a superior and well-funded capital plan…

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