Today’s Headlines

  • “Vultures” Ask LaHood for Rejected Wisconsin Rail Funds (Wisconsin State Journal)
  • Dems Seek to Extend Expiring Mass Transit Benefit (NYT)
  • New Bill Encourages Telework Among Federal Employees (WaPo)
  • Smart Growthers Fight Preservationists to Keep Transpo, Planning Innovators in DC Govt (WaPo)
  • Bike-Oriented Development Gives Trailside Businesses a Boost (Examiner)
  • An Autopsy of a Transit Tax Plan Defeated by Voters (St. Petersburg Times)
  • Maryland’s Route 270 to Be Widened Despite Concerns About Sprawl (Examiner)
  • Expensive Homes in Expensive Suburbs Poised to Get Even More Expensive (Biz Week)
  • China Finishes Laying Track for World’s Longest Bullet Train (Infrastructurist)
  • Moscow Plans to Ban Streetcars and Expand Suburban Parking (Market Urbanism)

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