Today’s Headlines

  • Oberstar’s Ouster: Reflecting on the End of an Era (TNR, MPR)
  • John Mica Wants More Rail Investment in the Northeast, Less Elsewhere (NYT Green)
  • Meanwhile, Might Oberstar Reemerge as the Secretary of Transportation? (Star Trib)
  • More Post-Election Analysis from the Post-Gazette
  • Push for Smart Growth in Cities Irks Some Environmentalists (NYT)
  • Are Greens Responsible for the Republican Wave? (Politico, Grist)
  • Wisconsin Freezes High-Speed Rail Project (Sentinel, WITI-TV)
  • Abandoned ARC Tunnel Will Leave a Brutal Economic Toll on New Jersey (
  • John Shimkus Eyes House Energy and Commerce Gavel (The Hill)