Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Really Over — NJ Gov. Christie Kills Nation’s Biggest Transit Project (NJ Star-Ledger)
  • Consumer Spending on Transportation Fell More Dramatically than Other Spending in 2009 (NYT)
  • Subsidized Sprawl Reversed in South Florida, Could Save the Everglades (NYT)
  • Freight Rail, Republicans Standing in the Way of Recovery Act’s HSR Promise (Bloomberg)
  • New Yorkers to Pay More for Less Transit Service (NYT)
  • Senate Bill Would Help Truckers Reduce Idling (Land Line)
  • The Case Against the Gas Tax — and for a VMT Tax (Miller-McCune)
  • Good Is Posting Pictures of Readers’ “Awesomely Sustainable Commutes” During Rideshare Week
  • Will Lego’s New Transit System Lure Kids Away from Hot Wheels? (Grist)
  • For a Lane as Eco as the Bikes That Ride It: Pave it with Plants (TreeHugger)

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