Today’s Headlines

  • Former DOT Chiefs: Transpo Shortfalls Eroding “American Prosperity” (WaPo)
  • DOT Announces New Funding for State of Good Repair Grants… at 1 Percent of Need (National Journal)
  • Rail Projects Hang in the Balance in Several Close Governors’ Races (NYT)
  • Reduced Demand for Cars Causes Drop in Manufacturing (The Hill)
  • Car Dependence and Sprawl Make It Hard for Seniors to Get Around (Detroit Free Press)
  • NJ Legislature, Governor Reach Deal to Restore Transpo Funds (Land Line)
  • Should School Buses Have Seat Belts? (AJC blog)
  • Trucking Lobby Backs Bill to Fund Transpo Projects With Diesel Tax Increase (Press-Telegram)
  • The Most Sprawling County in America Votes on a Land Use Plan (Star-Banner)
  • “Mad Men” Actor Takes Transit to Hollywood, Sees Cars as “Pollutants” (NYT)

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  1. Cell phone service on the subway, how horrible! It will be impossible to concentrate or think if it isn’t hard enough on the subway now. Why? Why oh why? Do we need cell phone usage on the train?

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