Today’s Headlines

  • Transit Friendly Colorado Gov Candidate Hickenlooper Looks Strong (Transpo Nation)
  • NYT: Chris Christie Needs to Support, Not Undermine, Hudson Tunnel Project
  • Reformer Larry Hanley Takes the Helm of Amalgamated Transit Union (Labor Notes)
  • Nice Northeast Corridor Plan, Amtrak, But 30 Years? The Trans-Continental Took Just Six (Daily Finance)
  • Equity Caucus: Transportation a “21st Century Civil Rights Issue” (T4America)
  • Interior Department Issues New Rules to Prevent Future Oil Spills (LAT)
  • Pro Car-Sharing Bill Passes in California (Streetsblog SF, AltTransport)
  • Why Do Progressives Spend So Much Energy Competing Against Each Other? (Grist)
  • Take a Look at What the 2009 Census Numbers Mean for Cycling (LAB)
  • Feds Making NYC Replace 250,000 Street Signs (Transpo Nation)
  • How to Fight Back Against Car-Centric Jargon (Human Transit)

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  1. RE: Amtrak Plan

    I’d love to see it all done in 3 years, but I’d hesitate about any comparisons to any of the transcontinental alignments, all of which date to a very different era. At the time the major transcontinental lines were completed: labor was cheap (or free), right-of-way was plentiful, viable alternatives were nonexistent, planning was minimal, environmental regulations weren’t around, and “community opposition” has since been confined to reservations.

    I’d love to see Amtrak’s plan built out in 3 years… but I’d be surprised if it were even completed within 30.

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