Today’s Headlines

  • Drumbeat Against Distracted Driving Grows Louder (AP, Fastlane)
  • Alaska’s Murkowski Loses Top GOP Spot on Senate Energy Committee (Hill)
  • Escalating PR Problem Dogs Fossil Fuel Industry (Politico)
  • Maryland Green Party Senate Candidate Killed By SUV Driver While Cycling (WaPo)
  • Transit Systems Explore Credit Card and Smart Phone Payment Plans (Reuters)
  • Major Breakthrough at Cancun Climate Talks Unlikely (AFP)
  • Can Smart Lights Take a Bite Out of Traffic Congestion? (Discovery)
  • Cost of Dulles Airport Extension Mounts (Examiner, GGW)
  • Might San Francisco Transpo Chief Come to DC? (SFGate)
  • Stanford Not Interested in High-Speed Rail Station (Palo Alto Online)

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