Today’s Headlines

  • What Has the Stimulus Bill Done for Transportation? (Time)
  • CA Rep. John Garamendi Lauds Obama’s Infrastructure Proposal (The Hill)
  • T4America’s Corless: Most Important Word in Obama Transpo Plan — “Reform” (Infrastructurist)
  • Cars Kill More Kids Globally Than AIDS, Maleria, and TB Combined (Guardian)
  • Can the Climate Bill Make a Comeback? Not Likely (Dallas Morning News)
  • Japan Willing to Loan California $40 Billion For Rail (Bloomberg)
  • Tommy Thompson: Forget About High-Speed Rail for Now (WRN)
  • What Livability Means for Rural America: The Complete Series (T4America)
  • DC-Area Planners Eye 1,650 Miles of Variably-Priced Roads (Examiner)
  • North Carolina Rail Plan Under Fire (WRAL)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Governor Thompson, I know you don’t believe what you are saying.

    You are throwing years of your work, legacy and credibility away for partishan politics of the moment.

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