Today’s Headlines

  • Oil Now Seeping From Four Places at Deep Horizon Site (Washington Post)
  • It’s Crunch Time for Climate Bill Provisions; Let the Haggling Begin (CQPolitics, NYTimes)
  • A Bipartisan Call for Transportation Funding (Politico)
  • Gov. Rendell Calls for Tax Hikes to Fund Transportation Projects (Post-Gazette)
  • Big Three Push for Lenient Fuel Efficiency Standards (The Hill)
  • Airports Embrace a Multimodal State of Mind (USA Today)
  • Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Can “Chia Walls” Really Block a Highway’s Roar? (Discovery News)
  • BP Has Paid Less Than a Third of Oil Spill Claims (ProPublica)
  • Chicago’s Daily Herald Rethinks Opposition to Congestion Pricing
  • Charleston Mulls Bike Parking Crack Down (The Sun News)
  • Houston Makes Light Rail More Accessible to Cyclists (KTRK)

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