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A Transit Education in Santa Rosa

9:47 AM EDT on June 15, 2010

P6110210.JPGIntroducing students to the awesomeness of bus travel.
(Photo: Santa Rosa CityBus)

I started riding the public bus
to get to school in New York City when I was about nine or ten years
old. It was a trip that took half an hour or so each way, including a
walk of several blocks from the bus stop to the school door.

Even though I had been riding the bus with my parents since I was
very little, I can still remember the nervousness I felt about making
the trip on my own for the first time. Would I recognize my stop in
time? Would I be able to pull the signal cord to get the driver's
attention? What if I went too far?

I can also remember the sense of pride and freedom I felt when the
trip went smoothly. And my excitement at the realization that I could
take the bus not just to school, but to a friend's house, or to the
bookstore I loved way downtown. My world had opened up, all because of a
bus system.

So a recent post from Streetsblog Network member blog Santa
Rosa CityBus
about kids learning to ride the bus caught my eye.
This California city has a program to educate groups in the ways of the
bus system:

Santa Rosa CityBus offers FREE travel training classes for groups
who want to have someone help them learn our transit system in "real
time". This service is generally used by seniors, students and those who
have mobility challenges.

Santa Rosa CityBus was contacted by
teachers from both Santa Rosa High School and Slater Middle School who
wanted their students to learn how to use public transit. Both
instructors realize that knowing how to read and understand the system
route map and time schedule is a very valuable life skill and more than
worth taking the time to learn.

So last week, 39 Santa
Rosa students and 8 school staff members were treated to a
comprehensive, hands-on training program. CityBus staff met the students
at their schools and started the training by providing a general
introduction to Santa Rosa CityBus, including helpful information on
fares, bus tickets, monthly passes and transfers.… Feedback from
students is always very positive. They really enjoy the class and, as a
result, feel confident to use Santa Rosa CityBus to travel around town.

In a way, it strikes me as too bad that the kids can't learn how to
use the bus from parents and other family members, the way that I did.
But the reality of many American cities is that no one in the family
uses anything but a car for transportation. I have plenty of grown-up
friends from other parts of the country who are intimidated by using
public transit in their own cities or any other. So I think it's great
that Santa Rosa is doing something to change that -- to show kids that
independence and connection to a larger world don't have to depend on a
personal motor vehicle.

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