Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood says a nationwide network of bike trails could be possible (NPR)
  • Kerry, Graham, Lieberman meeting tonight to try to salvage Senate climate legislation (Globe)
  • Forbes names its top 10 "cities in free fall" — several of which are noted sprawl havens
  • Pennsylvania report sees a future for conventional rail in the state, but not for mag-lev (Post-Gazette)
  • L.A. port wins federal award for its clean truck program (NRDC Blog)
  • U.S. DOT’s statistics arm to begin tracking freight rail yields (Prog. RR’ing)
  • Nissan reports buyers have reserved 20% of their initial run of Leaf electric cars …(LAT)
  • … as the company teams with GE to offer "smart" charging for future vehicles (CNET)
  • The American real-estate boom and bust, complete with sprawl concerns, is starting to play out in China (LAT)


Can Columbus Get Its Sprawl Under Control?

There’s a new study out examining the future of Columbus, Ohio, and the results are a little scary. This growing city in central Ohio has an Atlanta-like geography — no physical barriers on any side. And if current development patterns continue, Chris Bentley at the Architect’s Newspaper reports, the region’s physical footprint is expected to more than […]

The Potential for Private Investment in Transit

An old streetcar line built by a private developer in Richmond, Virginia, around the turn of the last century. (Photo via North Richmond News) Could private developers be the key to developing the nation’s transit infrastructure? That’s the question that has engaged many members of the Streetsblog Network over the weekend. The catalyst for what […]

Planning Director Claims 6,600-Home Development on Farmland Isn’t Sprawl

Building 6,600 homes on farmland outside city boundaries? Some might consider that the very definition of sprawl. But leaders in the Fresno region beg to differ. James Sinclair at Network blog Stop and Move reports that Norm Allinder, the planning director for Madera County, told the Fresno Bee that such a development “doesn’t perpetuate the legacy of sprawl,” because it […]

New Jersey Squanders Transit By Surrounding Stations With Sprawl

New Jersey is the most population-dense state in the country, and many residents get to work via one of its several transit systems. But too many of New Jersey’s transit stations are surrounded by single-family housing, severely limiting the number of people — especially low-income people — with convenient, walkable access to transit. Some entire transit lines […]