Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood says a nationwide network of bike trails could be possible (NPR)
  • Kerry, Graham, Lieberman meeting tonight to try to salvage Senate climate legislation (Globe)
  • Forbes names its top 10 "cities in free fall" — several of which are noted sprawl havens
  • Pennsylvania report sees a future for conventional rail in the state, but not for mag-lev (Post-Gazette)
  • L.A. port wins federal award for its clean truck program (NRDC Blog)
  • U.S. DOT’s statistics arm to begin tracking freight rail yields (Prog. RR’ing)
  • Nissan reports buyers have reserved 20% of their initial run of Leaf electric cars …(LAT)
  • … as the company teams with GE to offer "smart" charging for future vehicles (CNET)
  • The American real-estate boom and bust, complete with sprawl concerns, is starting to play out in China (LAT)