Today’s Headlines

  • Congressional field hearing in Chicago brings out the midwest’s biggest high-speed rail backers (WBAY)
  • Local D.C. urbanism blogger (and Streetsblog Network member) David Alpert to testify before congressional committee today on transit safety and funding issues (GGW)
  • GOP Rep. Petri backs VMT fee to ultimately replace the gas tax (Examiner)
  • One big winner in Europe’s volcano-induced aviation shutdown: reliable railways (Prog. Fix)
  • As transit protests come to Atlanta, the Georgia state legislature nears a deal on a referendum to raise sales taxes for new transport funding, with the GOP governor’s support … (Biz Chronicle)
  • … and St. Louis, home of the advocacy group sponsoring the protests, starts talks in restoring service cuts after voter approval of a new half-cent sales tax (Globe-Dem)
  • Infrastructure is about more than just shoring up roads and rails — and the nation’s food system also needs an overhaul (Grist)
  • D.C. government requires more parking spaces in new mixed-use development project, sparking concerns (Voice of the Hill via Yglesias)


Transportation Moving Votes in Harman’s L.A. Congressional Race

Contested congressional primaries in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Arkansas are drawing the lion’s share of media attention today, but many Los Angelenos are eyeing June 8 as their Super Tuesday. That day will bring voters to the polls in a race between Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) and Marcy Winograd, who is challenging the eight-term lawmaker from […]

Congress Set to Pass Yet Another Short-Term Transpo Funding Patch

The 35th transportation extension in the last six years is about to pass. The House had passed a five-month extension, the Senate insisted on moving forward with its six-year bill, then the House proposed a three-month extension, and somehow that sounded great to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. To win McConnell’s support for the short-term […]