Today’s Headlines

  • As environmental groups head to the White House for a meeting on the Senate climate bill, its unveiling pushed back by another week (Greenwire, Nat Jrnl)
  • Democrats warn the Obama administration not to treat GM’s pension liabilities as its own (Det. News)
  • House transportation committee members urge White House to roll back rule allowing Mexican trucks on U.S. roads (Refrig. Transporter)
  • The Federal Railroad Administration limits public comment period on its national bullet-train plan (Prog. Fix)
  • Does Wisconsin’s new transit push leave its low-income residents stranded? (News Buzz)
  • Arizona governor’s move to slice transit funding could face legal challenge (East Valley Trib)
  • Georgia state lawmakers moving forward on legislation to aid Atlanta’s struggling transit network (AJC)
  • Will vaunted zoning reform in Montgomery County, Maryland, actually change much about residential density? (Yglesias)


Don’t Hold Your Breath for a White House Transportation Bill

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told reporters today that the administration sent its draft bill to Capitol Hill two weeks ago. “It’s with the people that it needs to be with,” LaHood said, “the staff that’s working on a bill.” So while we reporters have been busy poring over draft bills that, it later turns out, […]

Well That Was Quick: Obama Disavows Mileage Fee Proposal

The Hill is reporting that the Obama administration has already sworn off a move toward a vehicle-miles-traveled fee. We just reported that an undated draft of the administration transportation proposal included the creation of an office to study the feasibility of implementing such a system to replace the traditional fuel tax. The Hill’s Keith Laing […]