Today’s Headlines

  • New study examines the stress that a future electric-car boom would put on the nation’s grid, with surprising results (TreeHugger)
  • Questioning the nation’s dwindling investment in its built environment (Grist)
  • Democratic senators from both coasts vow to oppose offshore drilling expansions in the pending climate change bill (The Hill Blog)
  • Democrat vying to replace Rendell as PA governor calls for state transportation spending to double (Inquirer)
  • Missouri state DOT chief Pete Rahn leaves to join engineering firm HNTB (KC Star)
  • New Hampshire follows Wyoming in nixing the notion of new interstate tolls (Observer)
  • Seattle mayor still vowing to build light rail in the face of skeptical financial analysis (P-I Blog)
  • Maryland lawmakers pass ban on hand-held cell phones (WaPo)


Who Cares About the Highway Trust Fund?

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) is proposing today to make a small but crucial change in federal transit policy by requiring the nation’s Highway Trust Fund to keep the interest money it accrues, rather than give it up for the government’s general use. Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) Photo: Which brings up an even more crucial […]

Today’s Headlines

After a lackluster year, Carrion leaves White House "urban czar" post for lesser duties at HUD (NYDN) FTA chief Rogoff skeptical on Dallas’ chances of snagging viable transit public-private partnership (Morn News Blog) LaHood uses Massachusetts appearance to take the state to task for not acting on distracted driving (Globe) Ryan Avent: Seattle light rail […]

Fix-It-First Bill Introduced in Senate

Highway maintenance has been getting short shrift in state budgets, according to a recent report from Smart Growth America. But a bill introduced in the Senate today seeks to address the imbalance between road construction and maintenance. Maryland Senator Ben Cardin’s Preservation and Renewal of Federal-Aid Highways Act would require states to develop targets for […]

The Looming Transit Breakdown That Threatens America’s Economy

While federal transit funding stagnates, the nation’s largest rail and bus systems have been delaying critical maintenance projects. Without sustained efforts to fix infrastructure and vehicles, the effects of deteriorating service in big American cities could ripple across the national economy, according to a new report from the Regional Plan Association [PDF]. RPA focuses on ten of the nation’s largest transit agencies […]

Forty Transportation Experts, One Message

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee just spent two days listening to 40 experts from different aspects of the transportation sector and advocacy community, from engineers to environmentalists to the Tea Party. Each person had just four minutes to speak and they crammed as much as they could into their time: observations, demands, recommendations for […]