For D.C. Area Residents, a Worthy Take on the Year in Transport

When the Washington Post devoted an entire transportation column to the "best and worst" of 2009 — its content written by interest groups with a stake in adding more lanes for more cars — Streetsblog Network member blog Greater Greater Washington (GGW) took the initiative and sent in its own retrospective.

And in a show of good faith, the Post gave equal time to GGW creator David Alpert and Stewart Schwartz of the D.C. region’s Coalition for Smarter Growth. The Alpert-Schwartz list, printed on Sunday, is worth a read even for those outside of the Washington metro area, if only as an example of savvy watchdogging by transit and livability advocates.


Finding the Buses That Need a Speed Boost

Mapping bus speeds in Washington, D.C. Slower lines show up as dark blue. Image: Greater Greater Washington A fresh look at old information can sometimes be all you need to better understand a knotty problem. And a fresh look is exactly what the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority provided with a new set of bus […]

Two Visions for a Closed DC Freeway, But Only One Shows Any Vision

David Alpert at Greater Greater Washington reports that city traffic engineers and city planners have very different ideas on what to do with a closed freeway segment in southeast DC. The District Department of Transportation came up with a range of proposals for the Southeast Freeway between the 11th Street Bridge and the Barney Circle neighborhood. […]

Leaders Need to Lead on Transit Funding

Today on Streetsblog Network member Greater Greater Washington, David Alpert asks the multimillion-dollar question: Why do so many politicians always say we have to "do something" about traffic, but not about transit? Alpert is referring to his recent discussions with elected officials in the D.C. area about how to address the long-term transportation and economic […]