Today’s Headlines

  • As Congress works on its new, likely infrastructure-tinged jobs bill, it’s avoiding the "S" word (The Hill)
  • Speaking of stimulus, federal dollars aren’t making much of an economic splash in California — yet (C.C. Times)
  • California’s senators join Schwarzenegger for a White House letter on high-speed rail (SFGate Blog)
  • Questions over safety testing of new D.C. rail extension prompt a U.S. DOT investigation (WashPost)
  • Oberstar: "Send Larry Summers back to Harvard" (MinnPost)


One More Reason Not to Trust Reason’s Attacks on Rail

The Reason Foundation is one of the most persistent rail opponents in the United States. With remarkable consistency, Reason condemns high-speed rail, private intercity rail projects, and local transit expansions. No matter how shaky its numbers may be, you can count on Reason to undermine any transit project that runs on rails. Shane Phillips at Better Institutions was […]
Lyon HSR station

How France Makes High-Speed Rail Stations Meld With Cities

As France develops its high-speed rail network, the areas around stations are treated not just as transportation initiatives but as city-building projects. This discussion centers on how public agencies plan high-speed rail station areas in France, integration of the stations into districts as a whole, and the importance of a comprehensive vision for integrating transportation and land use in the station district.

The Mile-High City Gets Back to Its Rail Roots

Happy news out of Denver. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was in town yesterday for a tour of the under-construction West Rail Transit line, part of 122 miles of passenger rail the region is planning as part of its FasTracks program. The secretary’s blog, The Fast Lane, discusses how this project promises to be, on many […]