Today’s Headlines

  • House Dems continue a growing drumbeat in favor of infrastructure investment to create new jobs … but the funding question remains unanswered (WSJ)
  • Texas Republican gubernatorial foes Hutchison and Perry trade jabs over transportation funding (News Messenger)
  • A new poll with an eye-rolling setup: 6 in 10 people think transit and carpooling are good for the environment, but 4 in 10 aren’t likely to take advantage of the options. But 3 in 10 respondents live in rural areas where "transit is generally not readily available" (AP)
  • Ah, Maryland: the Montgomery County Council wants state transportation authorities to lower their planned tolling charges on the massive new Intercounty Connector road (Balt. Sun)
  • Ah, Virginia: Dwindling revenues will hit the state to the tune of $851 million over the next six years (Times-Dispatch)
  • Inspired by Transportation for America’s pedestrian safety report, one Florida performance artist is aiming to cross the state’s dozen most dangerous intersections (Sentinel via T4A)
  • NIMBYism constrains California solar power projects (WSJ Blog)
  • Rob

    The third bullet, though annoying, really isn’t surprising. If nine out of ten people switched from driving alone to carpooling, that would be good for the environment; it would also be good for the one person who chooses not to carpool. Most people, it seems, believes they can be that one person.

  • Colin Peppard

    Reminds me of my favorite Onion headline of all time…

    Report: 98 Percent Of U.S. Commuters Favor Public Transportation For Others


GAO: States “Flexing” Fewer Federal Dollars to Transit

Supporters of livable streets may hear about the “flexibility” of transportation dollars and cringe – after all, that word often refers to the ability of states to use bike/ped money for road building. But flexibility can work both ways. Between 2007 and 2011, states devoted $5 billion in surface transportation funds — known in some […]

Maryland on the Verge of a Fix for Transportation Funding Woes

Maryland is one of a growing number of U.S. states that’s found itself in a tough spot when it comes to transportation funding. The state blew through its transportation funds when it built a big highway project called the Intercounty Connector. Now, the state has so little money left that unless something changes, it won’t be […]

What Is “Mode-Neutral” Funding?

Different modes could be funded from the same pot, with allocations based on performance measures. The beginning of 2008 has seen a flurry of debate — at least in wonkish circles — over federal transportation spending. In January, the bi-partisan Surface Transportation Commission released a report two years in the making, "Transportation for Tomorrow," which […]

Top 10 Reasons to Oppose the House Transpo Bill

Congress is in recess this week, but that doesn’t mean the furor surrounding the House transportation bill has died down. Transportation for America has put together a top ten list of the reasons opposition to the bill is so strong. Here’s one of the lesser known implications: #7. Requires More Bureaucracy at Transit Agencies: In […]

Today’s Headlines

States Fear Effects of a Congressional Stalemate on Transportation Funding (WaPo) ‘Calling It a Third World Transportation System Is Unfair to the Third World’ (Bloomberg) Gov. Scott Wants to Sell Florida Regional Transit, or Take It Over Completely (Palm Beach Post) Editorial: Funding Transportation Infrastructure With Driver’s Test Fee Makes Sense (PennLive) Dallas Begrudgingly Finds It […]