Today’s Headlines

  • The head of a controversial "clean coal" group may have just plain told un-truths at yesterday’s congressional hearing on the climate letter-forging scandal (Mother Jones)
  • GM’s new CEO says the Obama administration was "fair" to insist on pay cuts at the company (Det News)
  • Policymakers still falling in love with electric cars — now California’s governor is giving one auto company a $320 million sales tax break (San Jose Biz Jrnl)
  • Speaking of electric cars, Nissan believes they can be competitively priced within three years … assuming drivers have anywhere to charge them (Dow Jones)
  • Yes, gadget-using travelers, Amtrak is planning to add wi-fi internet (Wash Biz Jrnl)
  • Was Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (D-SC) op-ed on a climate change compromise really that, well, compromise-y? One conservative group cites the senator’s office as saying he opposes action "at this point" (AFP Blog)
  • Banter from the Senate debate on distracted driving, including this quip from Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-WV): "When President Obama was giving his State of the Union address, half the Congress was texting … it’s lethal behavior when you get in a car" (Wired)