Today’s Headlines

  • Sen. Schumer (D-NY) calls for his chamber to back the House’s $4B high-speed rail proposal (WTEN-TV)
  • Oops, Nevada Gov. Gibbons (R) — turns out you haven’t really locked down that federal money for a mag-lev train (LV Sun)
  • Census data shows percentage of workers commuting by transit rising by 0.1 percent annually (Dow Jones)
  • New Jersey GOP gubernatorial challenger Chris Christie’s bad driving record inspires a negative ad from Gov. Jon Corzine (D) (Politico)
  • Indianapolis weighs the future of its nascent transit system (Indy Star)
  • Transportation industry becoming more influenced by local geography (Reuters)
  • Both LaHood and his deputy transportation secretary are on the sidelines for a high-profile airline antitrust case (Dow Jones, sub. req’d.)


Florida Gov. Scott Finds a Rail Project He Doesn’t Hate

Florida Transportation Secretary Ananth Prasad has announced that Gov. Rick Scott’s administration will support the development of SunRail commuter rail. Acknowledging the strong support of Florida Republican John Mica, chair of the House Transportation Committee, Prasad said that his recent conversations with citizens and stakeholders convinced him that the project was worthwhile and that the […]

Good News and Bad News: Obama’s Plan Would Work, But GOP Won’t Pass It

This morning brought some useful indicators about the outlook for President Obama’s jobs bill. Good news first: Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, says President Obama’s job creation plan will likely add 1.9 million jobs, cut the unemployment rate by a percentage point, and grow the economy by 2 percent. The plan includes $50 billion for infrastructure, […]