Today’s Headlines

  • Federal highway safety regulators knew that cell phone use while driving — even on a hands-free device — was a massive safety risk, but they hid it from Congress (NYT)
  • LaHood’s stimulus tour stops in Sarasota, Florida (Herald-Trib)
  • Don’t fret, New Yorkers: The $8 billion Hudson transit tunnel is on track for federal money whether or not Congress approves a transport bill this year (
  • Washington is approving a lot of road stimulus projects, but that doesn’t mean shovels are in the ground (LAT)
  • House GOPers want to force the White House to release more details on its dealings with the domestic auto industry (CQ)


When Will the Feds Stop Outlawing Railcars Used By the Rest of the World?

The removal of 115 railcars from service in Philadelphia last week was the latest example of the troubles American commuter rail agencies face when purchasing rolling stock. Thanks to cracks in a critical component of the railcars, riders are looking at severe service reductions for at least the entire summer. While U.S. DOT floated a regulatory change that could prevent similar […]