Today’s Headlines

  • Even Blumenauer doesn’t think a VMT tax is coming any time soon; DeFazio’s weighing a tax on oil speculation to fund transportation (Oregonian)
  • Remember that early leak of Oberstar’s handwritten transportation reform outline? Now it’s online (MinnPost)
  • Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) says Amtrak is putting America on a fascist path … yup, totally on par with the Fed, congressman (Infrastructurist)


LaHood: Gas Tax Increase in Congressional Hands

As Congress maneuvers to end the political impasse over the next long-term national transportation bill, lawmakers are going to have to debate an increase in the federal gas tax, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said today. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (Photo: Getty Images) In his remarks at a Fort Worth transportation meeting, first reported by the […]

Maryland on the Verge of a Fix for Transportation Funding Woes

Maryland is one of a growing number of U.S. states that’s found itself in a tough spot when it comes to transportation funding. The state blew through its transportation funds when it built a big highway project called the Intercounty Connector. Now, the state has so little money left that unless something changes, it won’t be […]

Boxer: Collect Fees on Driving Through ‘Honor System’

Another must-read from last week’s Reuters Infrastructure Summit: Barbara Boxer, the California Democrat who will be responsible for shepherding the next transportation bill through the Senate, says she’s open to a mileage tax and to indexing the gas tax to inflation to generate new revenue. It’s great to hear a legislator in Boxer’s position voice […]