Today’s Headlines

  • Research Ties Land-Use Regulations to Inequality (WSJ)
  • Hey, Leonardo DiCaprio: Real Climate Champions Don’t Oppose Urban Density (Vox)
  • NextCity Reviews Hillary Clinton’s Urban Agenda
  • TransitCenter: Frequency and Walkability Are the Keys to Getting Nashville Transit Right (Tennessean)
  • Car Crashes the Leading Cause of Death Among Teens (NBC Philadelphia)
  • Lower Fares Boost Ridership on Toronto’s Airport Line (Torontoist)
  • Boston Considering Hiking Parking Meter Rates (Globe)
  • City Observatory Compares the Price of Parking Across U.S. Cities
  • Where WalkScore Falls Short (State of Place)


What the Price of Parking Shows Us About Cities

Cross-posted from City Observatory.  Earlier, we rolled out our parking price index, showing the variation in parking prices among large US cities. Gleaning data from ParkMe, a web-based directory of parking lots and rates, we showed how much it cost to park on a monthly basis in different cities. There’s a surprising degree of variation: […]

Who Will Preserve Our Nation’s Urban Parking Lots?

A historic preservation group in Cincinnati put together the above video, meant to make us think critically about some of the most fiercely guarded yet least loved places in our cities: parking lots. Kudos to the Cincinnati Preservation Collective for bravely defending the spaces that help make Cincinnati much like every other mid-sized city in […]

Cincinnati Will Reform Its Parking Mandates

Bad parking policy can greatly harm a city. Too much parking makes walking impractical and uncomfortable. It also erodes the tax base, as the map of downtown Detroit we posted last week made painfully clear. Meanwhile, cities that manage the parking supply wisely have bolstered their downtowns, as we’ve seen in the cases of Pittsburgh and […]

Chicago’s Parking Requirements Are an Out-of-Date Relic

The good news: Demand for parking spaces is down among residents of central Chicago. But here’s the bad news: The city of Chicago still requires lots of parking. That hurts everyone, whether they live in those buildings or not, says Ryan Richter at new Network blog Transport Nexus: At Lakeshore East, a development of mixed […]

Will Miami Take the First Step Toward Parking Reform?

It’s been a long time coming, says Felipe Azenha at Transit Miami, but finally the topic of parking reform is getting some attention in Miami. Eliminating parking requirements for small buildings in Miami could lead to larger reforms — and the elimination of bigger garages like this one — later on. Photo: Mark Hogan via […]

Today’s Headlines

LaHood Joins Axelrod’s Political Think Tank (The Hill) The World of the Self-Driving Car: Urban Parks or Suburban Sprawl? (NYT) How the Feds Used to Do Urban Revitalization: Tear Down Housing, Build a Parking Lot (WaPo) Meanwhile, in LA, They Tore Down a Parking Lot and Made a Park (Urban Times) Fortune Editor Foretells the […]