Today’s Headlines

  • T-SPLOST Defeat: Not Necessarily a Bellwether (The Hill, Transportation for America)
  • Chicago Plans 33 Miles of Bike Lanes This Year (HuffPo)
  • “Walk Appeal” Might Be More Useful Than “Walk Score” (Atlantic Cities)
  • Feds Using More Cars… But They’re Fuel Efficient (WaPo)
  • Memphis City Council Puts Gas Tax on Ballot (Daily News)
  • Mercury News: Only “Declinists” Oppose CA Bullet Train
  • Lofty Transit Goals Have Come Up Short in Miami (Planetizen)
  • Could the $7B Plan for Union Station Be Even Bigger? (GGW)
  • Jersey Introduces Bike-Friendly Weekend Trains (Patch)
  • Jeremy Steinemann

    Jersey? I am pretty sure it’s NEW Jersey. Yikes…


A Misguided Fix for Traffic Congestion in Silicon Valley

According to a recent study of transit riders in Denver covered by CityLab, people who work within a 15-minute walk of a rail station are more likely to commute by train than people who live close to transit but don’t work by a station. Network blog Peninsula Transportation Alternatives says the study underscores how a proposal aimed at reining in traffic in Palo […]

Today’s Headlines

When Will Our Cities Reach Their Climate Tipping Point? (WaPo) Washington, DC: The New Bike City to Watch (People for Bikes) Plans for “Facebook Town” Show Smart Growth Mindset (Atlantic Cities) U.S. Cities Investing More and More in BRT (McClatchy) The Contradictions of Being a Tea Party “Transportation Junkie” (E&E Daily) Light Rail Spurs Housing […]

Today’s Headlines

Senate to Begin Action on Two-Year Transportation Bill (National League of Cities) Study: Commuting Is Bad for Your Health, Unless You Bike or Walk (DailyMail) Agreement on Seattle Regional Rail as Progressive as Project Itself (Transport Politic) Stakes High for California HSR; $9 Billion Now on the Line (MercuryNews) Union Pacific Voices Major Objections to […]

It Actually Makes a Difference Where a Train Station Is Built

Congratulations, it looks like your city is going to be getting high-speed rail service. Just one thing: Because of various political and economic considerations, the station is going to be located out at the airport — far from any walkable destination and a $12 cab ride from downtown. That’s the scenario that’s currently facing Madison, […]