Today’s Headlines

  • Transportation Bills Getting a Tune-Up During Recess This Week (Politico)
  • Just How Bad is It? T4A Lays Out the Worst of It
  • DC Lobbyists Not Confident Either House or Senate Transportation Bill Will Pass (Hill)
  • Illinois Congressmen: Mass Transit Will Take Hit Under House Bill (Chicago Tribune)
  • Ohio Congressmen: House Bill Would Stop Desperately Needed Work (Dayton Daily)
  • Alliance for Biking & Walking Launches
  • Center For American Progress Wants to Put Big Oil Subsidies to Work
  • Capital Bikeshare May (Finally) Come to the Mall (WaPo)
  • How and Why Google Is Transforming American Mass Transit (Xconomy)
  • Florida Senate Supported Tolling, Now Wants All Funds Back in Tallahassee (TampaBayTimes)
  • Chicago Gets $7.3 Million for Bus Rapid Transit (WBEZ)
  • Solar-Powered Bicycles Coming to India (Daiji World)
  • TX Driver Drives Through Cyclists, Gets Arrested, “Didn’t Realize” They Were Cops (Eagle)


Live-Blogging the House Transportation Extension Debate & Vote

After a long night’s wrangling over the budget, the House convened early (for them) at 9 this morning to tackle a 90-day 60-day 90-day extension of the transportation bill. Despite some fierce opposition from House Democrats who wanted to vote on the bipartisan Senate bill instead of another extension, the measure passed. We’re brought you the fireworks as […]

Just How Bad Is the Final House Transportation Bill?

Nobody was expecting the GOP-controlled House of Representatives to put together a transportation bill that did much for streets and transit in American cities. And they were right — there’s nothing to get excited about in the bill. But neither is it the total disaster for walking, biking, and transit it could have been. So how does the House bill […]

LaHood to House: “Get on the Bus” With a Bipartisan Transportation Bill

This morning, at the American Public Transportation Association’s annual legislative conference, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood said he was recently asked by the House Appropriations Committee if he prefers a two-year transportation bill or a five-year transportation bill. Neither, he said: “I prefer a bipartisan bill.” “Bipartisanship is the reason the Senate bill is a […]

House GOP Regroups While Senate Dems Tackle Amendments

Last week’s big news — that the House transportation bill faces a likely overhaul by its Republican authors — rippled through Washington faster than you can say, “gas tax increases are off the table.” Very little is known yet about the revised House bill, except that it will probably restore dedicated funding for mass transit, […]