Today’s Headlines

  • Iowa-Centric Candidates Ignoring Urban Issues (Salon) and Transportation (Politico)
  • Are More Temporary Extensions of Transportation Bills Inevitable? (National Journal)
  • Romney’s Last Words Before Caucus Were Railing Against Amtrak (TranspoNation)
  • Republican Presidential Candidates Weren’t Always Anti-HSR (NYTimes)
  • Missouri’s Refusal to Adopt New Safety Standards Could Cut Them Off From Highway Fund (KCStar)
  • Sprawl Is Costing Florida Hundreds of Millions (FL Independent)
  • San Francisco Determined to Boost Transit, Biking and Walking to 50 Percent By 2010 (SFGate)
  • Panel Says California Should Not Authorize Bond Money for HSR; Backers Lash Out (LATimes)
  • Boston Transit Fares Could Rise 43 Percent, With Cuts to Bus, Rail and Ferry (Boston Globe)
  • In Nevada, Driving Deaths Downs, Pedestrian Fatalities Up (8NewsNow)
  • How the Dutch Got Their Cycle Paths (HuffPo)
  • Tom

    Read the Chronicle article: SF wants to reduce car commutes to 50% by 2020, not 2010.  Not that they say that literally, but you can deduce that when Rachel Gordon indicates in a 2012 article that they will accomplish this by the end of the decade.


If You Pay Sales Tax at, Your Transit System Could Improve

A bill moving through Congress could help struggling transit systems around the country. The Senate approved the Marketplace Fairness Act on Monday, a bill that would impose sales taxes on most items sold online to residents of the 45 states (and the District of Columbia) where stores charge sales tax. PubliCola at SeattleMet highlighted the benefit […]

Sales Tax Hike Could Save Olympia’s Transit System

If transit supporters don’t turn out at the polls, service in Thurston County will plummet by about 25 percent compared to levels made possible by a small sales tax hike. Image: Seattle Transit Blog It may be the middle of summer, but if you’re paying attention, it’s already election season. With a string of primaries […]

Today’s Headlines

Why USDOT’s Transit Funding Rule Doesn’t Work and What Could Fix It (Slate) Boehner: GOP Will Tack Keystone Pipeline Onto Transportation Bill (Hill) Gov. Brown: Cap and Trade Fees Will Fund HSR in California (SacBee) Why Conservatives Should Be All Over Smart Growth (Switchboard) Millennials: Affordable Urban Living Is Hard to Find (GGW) The Reason […]