Today’s Headlines

  • States Fear Effects of a Congressional Stalemate on Transportation Funding (WaPo)
  • ‘Calling It a Third World Transportation System Is Unfair to the Third World’ (Bloomberg)
  • Gov. Scott Wants to Sell Florida Regional Transit, or Take It Over Completely (Palm Beach Post)
  • Editorial: Funding Transportation Infrastructure With Driver’s Test Fee Makes Sense (PennLive)
  • Dallas Begrudgingly Finds It Can’t Sell Naming Rights to Transit Stations (Dallas Observer)
  • Transit Riders Fight Back Against Proposed 16.4 Percent Fare Increase in Connecticut (Courant)
  • Downtown Is Alive! Study Shows Surge in People Living, Taking Transit in LA (Curbed)
  • Editorial: Smart Growth Mandates Anger Local Politicians (Baltimore Sun)
  • Politifact New Jersery Confirms Transit Fares Have Increased as Much as 47 Percent


Report: Investing in Transit Could Create 180,000 Jobs, for Free

Between calls for renewed stimulus on the one hand and for deficit reduction on the other, Washington, D.C. is stuck. A new report by the Transportation Equity Network, however, shows one easy way out of that political stalemate: shifting our transportation spending to transit. According to the report, written by University of Missouri-St. Louis researchers […]

Why the House Transportation Bill Hits Bus Riders Especially Hard

When the House Ways and Means Committee voted to divert all gas tax revenue away from transit projects, severing transit’s only dedicated source of federal funds, they were essentially throwing transit riders under the bus. While the House’s official stance is that their proposal still somehow guarantees funding for transit, it really does anything but. “It’s […]

No More Mr. Nice Guy: Transit Advocates Get Organized

What do you do if your bus service is cut by a third? If you’re Metropolitan Congregations United in St. Louis, you hold a ballot initiative – and win. What if your transit system neglects less affluent areas compared to the wealthy part of town? If you’re the L.A. Bus Riders’ Union, you bring a […]

As Transit Is Gutted in Orange County, Freeways Set to Expand

Communities around the country are bracing for the impact of fare hikes and transit cuts, as jury-rigged funding mechanisms for vital local transportation systems crumble under the strain of the weakening economy. You already know about the MTA’s woes in New York City; today, the Times had a report about the 75 percent fare increase […]

GAO: States “Flexing” Fewer Federal Dollars to Transit

Supporters of livable streets may hear about the “flexibility” of transportation dollars and cringe – after all, that word often refers to the ability of states to use bike/ped money for road building. But flexibility can work both ways. Between 2007 and 2011, states devoted $5 billion in surface transportation funds — known in some […]