Today’s Headlines

  • Republican Presidential Hopeful Pawlenty Wants to Privatize Amtrak (The Hill)
  • Public Pays the Price for Privatizing Infrastructure (Politico)
  • Google Robot Cars Would Promote Sprawl (Fast Company)
  • NRDC’s Kaid Benfield: City of Detroit isn’t Shrinking, ‘Right-size’ the Suburbs (Grist)
  • Corporations Realizing Best & Brightest Don’t Want to Work in Suburbs (The New Republic)
  • New Book Tells the Secret History of America’s Interstate Highway System (Infrastructurist)
  • DC Commuter Ferry Service Struggles to Stay Afloat (Washington Post)
  • Sprawl Lobby Still Trying to Make DC Look Like Houston (Greater Greater Washington)
  • China Set to Lap USA with High Speed Rail (Baltimore Sun)