Today’s Headlines

  • Jim Oberstar Blames Crumbling Infrastructure (and Down Economy) on Political Partisanship (MinnPost)
  • LaHood Defends Rail Security, Says Amtrak Already Has a List to Check “Peculiar” Names (HuffPo)
  • GOP Is Getting Political Mileage Out of the Mileage Tax That Never Happened (The Hill)
  • High Gas Prices = Less Sprawl + Safer Roads (Infrastructurist)
  • High-Speed Rail Needs a Better Ad Campaign (Grist)
  • Scandalously Low Gas Tax Makes U.S. More Vulnerable to Oil Price Shocks (Yglesias)
  • Car Use Has Peaked Like Oil — Are We Breaking Our Auto Addiction? (Treehugger)
  • CA Auditor Warns Management Problems Threaten HSR, Recommends Re-Route (NYT)
  • Georgia Legalizes Clipless Pedals and Recumbent Bikes, Passes Three-Foot Law (WSAV)
  • Cities Begin to Regulate Pedicabs (Alt Transport)
  • Chicago Rolls Out Real-Time Transit Tracking (Sun-Times)
  • Philadelphia Boasts Twice the Bicycle Mode Share of Other Similar Cities (Phila. Inquirer)


What Can We Learn from Oregon’s Mileage Tax Experiment?

A few weeks ago, the Obama Administration had a rather embarrassing public difference over the idea of a mileage tax to replace the gas tax. It’s certainly one of the most contentious notions out there, but most of the debate is based on hypotheticals. Now, as reported by Streetsblog Network member Worldchanging, the Oregon Department […]

The Rising Price of Gas Is the Talk of the Nation

Gas prices. You may have heard they’re on an upward trajectory. In today’s Streetsblog Network Roundup, we look at the wide-ranging implications of fuel pump pain from Rhode Island to Hawaii: The Vulnerabilities of Oil Dependence: Richard Layman at Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space reports that Newport, Rhode Island is offering “gas rebates” to […]

Today’s Headlines

Future Is Still Uncertain For CA High-Speed Rail (AP, Transport Politic) High-Speed Rail Will Also Create Induced Demand (Atlantic Cities) Mr. Straphanger Says LA’s Transit Star Is Rising (LAT) Was the TIFIA Expansion Handled Wisely? (National Journal) Save the Partnership For Sustainable Communities! (Next American City) Time to Wean Ourselves Off the Outdated Gas Tax […]

Today’s Headlines

LaHood Calls on Congress to Take Up Transportation Bill (Governing) Chaos on the Mississippi Threatens Oil Production (HuffPo) More Americans Turning to Transit as Gas Prices Rise (CNN Money) Dem Senators Rip ConocoPhillips CEO for Calling End to Oil Subsidies “Un-American” (Climate Progress) Will the Debt Ceiling Debate Kill EPA Climate Regs? (The Hill) Minnesota […]

Toward a Positive Argument for High-Speed Rail

In recent weeks, I’ve been busily making what you might call a negative argument for high-speed rail — pointing out the many ways in which arguments against HSR are deficient. That’s all well and good, but positive cases for HSR need to be made, as well. Now, others have already begun to do this. California […]

Obama Dismisses Gas Tax “Gimmick”

With primaries in North Carolina and Indiana less than a week out, Barack Obama seems to have taken Streetsbloggers’ advice with this ad explaining why a suspension of the federal gas tax, as called for by Hillary Clinton and John McCain (among others), is a sham. It’s a masterful spot: the swelling orchestral score, the […]