Today’s Headlines

  • Gas Prices on Pace to Break All-Time Record (USA Today)
  • Rick Scott’s Lawyer Wrong About Key Fact in Florida HSR Lawsuit (SPT)
  • DeMint Mired in Quarrel Over Port Earmark (TPM)
  • Reports: Natural Gas Not as Clean as Thought (Infrastructurist)
  • When Did Breathing Stop Being Good for the Economy? (Grist)
  • David Simon: We Live or Die Based on How We Live in Cities (Rustwire)
  • Behind the Scenes with Capital Bikeshare (WCP)
  • A Culture of Transit: The Key to Reducing Stress (The Atlantic)
  • We’ll Fight to the Bitter End to Sustain the Unsustainable (Urbanophile)


Yes, You Can Move the Needle on Public Support for a Gas Tax Hike

Public support for increasing the federal gas tax rises if revenues will be spent to combat global warming. Graphic: Mineta Transportation Institute Last week, USA Today reported rather gleefully that the U.S. gas tax has never been lower. Having remained unchanged at 18.4 cents per gallon since 1993, American drivers are now paying half as […]

Could Restructuring the Gas Tax Fund the Transportation Bill?

Would a major change the national gas tax stand a chance after tomorrow’s election? Perhaps so, but not without postponing one of President Obama’s key priorities, according to a recent story in the Wall Street Journal. Apparently, state DOTs have been pitching a proposal to Republicans and Democrats to change the structure of the gas […]

Talking Headways Podcast: I’m Not a Scientist

Do you ever think about the ecology of the city you live in? Not just the parks and the smog. Scientists are starting to examine urban ecosystems more holistically: the trees and the concrete, natural gas lines and soil, water pipes and rivers. The natural and the synthetic feed off each other in surprising ways. […]

The High Price of Cheap Gas

At least on the surface, the big declines in gas prices we’ve seen over the past year seem like an unalloyed good. We save money at the pump, and we have more to spend on other things, But the cheap gas has serious hidden costs—more pollution, more energy consumption, more crashes and greater traffic congestion. […]

Today’s Headlines

Dems Deal Earmarks a New Blow (Politico) New Urbanism and Landscape Urbanism Square Off (The Globe) GOP Readies Bill to Neutralize EPA Climate Rules (Mother Jones) Meanwhile, Climatologists Tell Pols to Take a Fresh Look at Evidence (Hill) Enforcement — Not Fines — Key to Improving Traffic Safety (B’more Sun) Could Private Funding Kick-Start High-Speed […]