Today’s Headlines

  • A $20 Billion Compromise Could Lead to Passage of the 2011 Budget, Six Months Late (Bloomberg)
  • After a Long Winter of Transit Cuts, Could It Be Springtime in Atlanta? (AJC)
  • Houston Transpo Council Prioritizes Automobiles Over Everything Else (Houston Chronicle)
  • Distracted Driving: A “Vibrant Sector” (Bike Portland)
  • T4America Releases State-by-State Report on Failing Bridges
  • Another Reason Not to Count on Electric Cars to Save the Planet (AltTransport)
  • Open Video Letter to Chicago: Why Is So Much of Our City’s Infrastructure Oriented Toward Cars? (WBEZ)
  • Imagining the Next Generation of Fare Payment Systems (GGW)
  • “You’d Better Learn to Walk”: A Portrait of A City Struggling With Transit Cuts (WTAE)
  • Svelte Crash Test Dummies Need to Fatten Up to Accurately Foretell Dangers (Minyanville)
  • Heritage: Reliance on Amtrak is Death Knell for High-Speed Rail (WSJ)

  • Next up in Houston: automobile suffrage


Sen. Mikulski Supports Car Tax Breaks While Transit Languishes

This just in from the Streetsblog Network: Greater Greater Washington takes Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski to task for supporting car sales tax breaks — and asks how that money could be better spent: Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) touts tax breaks for car buyers at the 2009 Motor Trend International Auto Show in Baltimore. Photo by […]

Is Houston Serious About Becoming a Multi-Modal City?

There’s been a fair amount of fanfare recently about the news that Houston is likely to surpass Chicago sometime soon as America’s third largest city. You can debate whether the comparison is very useful, due to variations in land area. But there’s no denying that Texas is growing fast. The Lone Star State is attracting two-and-a-half times more new […]

Today’s Headlines

Foxx Warns State DOTs That Funding Could Be Cut Off Soon (The Hill) At HUD, Julian Castro Will Take on Obama’s Climate Work (National Journal) California, Amtrak Back Out of Joint Bid on High-Speed Rail (AP) Proposal to Raise Gas Tax Wins Praise From WaPo, NRDC Switchboard While Gannett Notes Mixed Opinions, and Forbes Sniffs Out a Gimmick in the Funding […]

Cutting Transit Means Cutting Independence

Today on the Streetsblog Network, a post from member blog VTA Watch, which covers the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority in California. The blog’s author discusses the impact of upcoming service cuts on the people whose mobility, and ability to participate meaningfully in their communities, depends on public transit. The post also goes on to […]