Signing Off — But Stay Tuned

This week marks the first anniversary of Streetsblog Capitol Hill, as well as a time of transition — this post will be my last for the site. I hope that the blog’s coverage has helped illuminate some of the previously impenetrable details of federal transportation policy-making, and I hope you will continue reading the valuable local perspectives on offer at the New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles Streetsblogs.

In fact, my colleagues at the NY, SF, and LA sites will continue to syndicate relevant content on the Capitol Hill blog until a new reporter arrives on the full-time federal infrastructure beat.

Stay tuned to this space for more, and drop a line to if you are interested in the open position or in submitting freelance posts. Happy reading to all!

  • Elana,

    I’m sorry to see you go. Thank you for providing such a valuable service in reporting all the relevant transportation news. You run rings around the Washington Post, and you’ll be missed!

  • David

    NOOO!!!! I read your posts religiously!

  • Michelle Ernst

    Let me second that (third that?)! You really get this federal transportation stuff and your reporting has been terrific. I’ll miss reading your posts.

  • Jayme Blakesley

    Your reporting has been superb. Frankly, I consider it required reading. Not sure where to find information in the meantime. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Design new haven

    Your reporting will be severely missed!

  • Any reason why you’re leaving?

  • You will be missed. Thanks for all the great content and leads that you’ve produced over the past year. Don’t be a stranger.

  • I’m heartbroken! Hope to see you turn up in another fine journalistic venue.

  • egk

    Sorry to see you go – you made infrastructure reporting feel hip.

  • To say that Elana will be missed by those of us that worked with her, is an understatement. I expect we’ll see her byline somewhere in the very near future.

  • mwojnar

    Very sorry to learn that you’re leaving. Your reporting has always been timely, accurate, and “direct from the cloakrooms.” More often than not, you’ve been first with the details when deals are struck on the Hill.

    So where are you headed? Bigger and better things, I hope. Best of luck to you.

  • Michael Renner

    Count me as one of your devoted readers who has learned a huge amount from reading your posts. Is Yonah Freeman at Transport Politic correct in saying you are moving on to do reporting for Greenwire?

  • Kyle Gradinger


    Thank you so much for your in-depth reporting on the politics of transportation! Your posts have really helped to elucidate the maze of hoops and hurdles on Capitol Hill. I wish you the best of luck and hope to be read many articles by you in the future!

  • Elana, you packed more insight and inspiration into a year of Streetsblog DC than most outlets get from a whole newsroom. Your work has been an indispensable resource to us and everybody else in America who’s fighting for the kind of national transportation system we all need. We’re going to miss you in these pages and be reading you wherever else you go. From all of us at TEN, our deepest thanks, and good luck!

  • Larry Ehl

    Your posts were always a “must-read” even if I didn’t always agree with you. The breadth and frequency of your writing was informative and inspirational. Best wishes

  • Damn! We desperately need some reality in the reporting on reauthorization. You did a superb job of that. Glad for your new employers for making a smart hire…

  • Karen


    Streetsblog Capitol Hill and its important issues will miss you very much! But I know that you’ll be doing great reporting somewhere and that your readers will follow you wherever you go.

  • Dave in KY

    To rampantly speculate, I’d expect her grant/contract was for 1 year.

  • Michael in CA

    Sorry to see you leave. The DC transportation reporting since you left has been worthless and has covered next to nothing about federal issues. Unfortunately, I will likely no longer visit this site because it has lost its professional value to me. Your insights and timeliness of your coverage was top notch. You will be missed by those of us who do transportation for a living.

    Thanks for your hard work.