Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood affirms the recent assertion by House Speaker Pelosi: Congress is unlikely to raise the gas tax to pay for transportation legislation (Pantagraph)
  • Local lawmakers are hunting for strategies to fund a proposed commuter rail link between the Poconos and NYC in the absence of a new long-term federal transport bill (P. Record)
  • San Francisco and other West Coast cities press on with electric-car adaptation plans (NYT)
  • D.C.'s congressional delegate calls for an oversight hearing after local Metro train derails (The Hill)
  • Early transit hiccups at the Vancouver Olympics appear to be smoothing out (AP)
  • Detroit's auto suppliers are branching out into aircraft and solar as their city continues to rebuild (NYT)
  • Wisconsin state legislators to vote today on whether to accept $810m in federal high-speed rail aid (WUVM)
  • Toyota continues to deny that an electronic glitch could be causing its cars to fail, but no evidence has yet emerged to disprove such a worst-case scenario (LAT)