Today’s Headlines

  • Speaker Pelosi confirms that Oberstar's transportation bill is under consideration for future economic recovery action ... just don't call it a "stimulus" (Roll Call)
  • Boulder, Colorado, is planning a $100 million overhaul of its electric grid, which could serve as a test run for nationwide clean-power efforts (ClimateWire)
  • High-speed rail is helping industrial train makers weather the global economic storm (WSJ)
  • There's an entire universe of rail transit modes -- and here's a handy explanation of them, complete with colorful table (GGW)
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce, wracked by climate change defections, goes to bat for GOPer McDonnell's transportation agenda in the Virginia governor's race (WaPo)
  • Florida DOT chief advises a "careful review" of Oberstar's transport bill (Jax Daily Record)
  • Shocker: BP chief predicts continued dependence on his product (NYT)