Tuesday’s Headlines Welcome Our New Robot Overlords

  • Artificial intelligence analyzing satellite photos can help cities decide where to build pedestrian infrastructure much more quickly than traditional methods. (Washington Post)
  • Tesla has stopped installing the beta version of its misnamed Full Self-Driving Mode while the feds investigate it as a crash risk. (The Verge)
  • Donald Applewood’s son, Bruce, has updated his father’s seminal 1982 book “Livable Streets” (Planetizen)
  • Like all crashes, the East Palestine train derailment was “100% preventable,” according to the chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, which released a preliminary report blaming it on a wheel bearing. (Progressive Railroading)
  • House Republicans have launched an investigation into Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg actions — or lack thereof — after the crash (Fox News), but there really wasn’t much he could do (MSNBC).
  • An Arizona driver has been charged with manslaughter and aggravated assault after crashing into a group of cyclists on a bridge, killing two people and injuring 17. (NPR)
  • With no notice or public input, the Oregon DOT suddenly closed 181 Portland crosswalks. (Bike Portland)
  • Atlanta transit officials insist a long-promised streetcar extension to the Beltline trail will be built despite pushback from some residents. (Journal-Constitution)
  • Hemmed in by wide roads, Houston’s biggest urban park isn’t safely accessible by bike. (Chronicle)
  • Philadelphia bikeshare Indego’s new equity plan calls for putting more e-bikes in underserved neighborhoods. (Voice)
  • That’s right, Competitive Enterprise Institute, we won’t need more environmentally destructive lithium mining for EV batteries if we just ban cars and the suburbs instead.