Thursday’s Headlines Are Accessible

  • Transit agencies in nine states will share $686 million in federal grants to make transit stations more accessible, with over half the funding going to the New York City subway and Chicago’s L train. (Route Fifty)
  • Too often transportation projects that receive federal financing are judged by their ability to pay back the loans, which leads to more unsustainable sprawl. (Center for American Progress)
  • A new type of battery made from sea water promises to hold four times as much energy as lithium batteries at a lower cost. (Euro News)
  • Denver’s e-bike rebates could serve as a model for other cities to get thousands of drivers out of their cars (Washington Post). But Denver wasn’t always a haven for cyclists and pedestrians; check out how Colorado Boulevard went from a calm four-lane street to an 11-lane unwalkable behemoth. (Denverite)
  • FedEx is testing electric carts as a way to make last-mile deliveries in New York City. (Supply Chain Dive)
  • Stockton, California, is piloting a program that provides e-bikes, shared cars and an app that connects users with transportation options in an effort to correct inequality. (SF Gate)
  • Cleveland raised $3.5 million to replace Jersey barriers on the city’s Public Square with more attractive bollards, curb extensions and other safety measures. (ideastream)
  • Seattle’s new DOT director and a downtown association want to revive a streetcar project shelved by former mayor Jenny Durkin. (The Urbanist)
  • A federal jury awarded a Georgia woman $1 million for being held for five months on false drug charges after she was stopped for jaywalking. (Fox News)
  • Celebrities: They’re just like other thoughtless drivers! Paparazzi recently caught Ben Affleck parking his Tesla in a bike lane. (YouTube)
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In New Report, RPA Reinforces Link Between Transit and Growth

Following yesterday’s Build for America launch and last night’s presidential debate, the Regional Plan Association released a major report today recommending an array of public transportation improvements for New York City and northern New Jersey, adding its name to the ever-growing list of orgs and officials calling for federal investment to spur and sustain economic […]