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Thursday’s Headlines Sighted Bigfoot

12:00 AM EST on December 15, 2022

    • A New York Times analysis of University of California data found that households in dense, transit-friendly areas have a lower carbon footprint than those in the suburbs. But within urban neighborhoods, higher-income households are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Any plan for reducing emissions should encourage active transportation like biking and walking, because most studies undervalue their impact and overvalue electric vehicles. (Planetizen)
    • Electric microcars are taking off worldwide but are rare in the U.S. (City Lab)
    • E-scooters are making a post-pandemic comeback, and now's the time for cities to standardize regulations and integrate them into the urban transportation fabric. (Government Technology)
    • About three e-scooter riders show up at Denver hospitals with serious injuries each day (Colorado Sun). But how many are injured in car crashes?
    • Mayor Justin Bibb has a plan to turn Cleveland into a 15-minute city. (Fast Company)
    • A new bridge through Miami's historic Black Overtown community could free up acres for greenspace and amenities, but also push out the remaining residents. (Next City)
    • New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced $25 million in grants to make walking to transit stops safer. (Daily Record)
    • Detroit's Q-Line streetcar is slated to receive $5 million a year, about half its operating costs, from the Michigan legislature through 2039. (Michigan Radio)
    • Portland residents demanded a more robust bike lane, and the city Bureau of Transportation gave it to them. (Bike Portland)
    • An oft-rejected bike project in Athens, Georgia is now permanent after a 60-day pilot project generated widespread support. (Flagpole)
    • A new Tampa app combines ticketing and information for transit, biking, scooters and other modes. (WTSP)
    • A WLPN podcast explores Nashville's transition from streetcars to just plain cars.

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