Wednesday’s Headlines Are Thankful

Photo: Ildar Sagdejev
Photo: Ildar Sagdejev
  • Los Angeles Magazine feels very sorry for Rebecca Grossman, an L.A. socialite who’s become something of a pariah. All she did was kill two children with her Mercedes while apparently racing a former major league pitcher with whom she may or may not have been having an affair, but definitely did drink margaritas with beforehand.
  • Thanksgiving is the most dangerous holiday to drive, according to one study, and Texas is the most dangerous state to be driving in (Houston Chronicle). Streetsblog also looked into the issue.
  • Orders for electric buses are coming in fast after the Federal Transit Administration awarded $1.6 billion in grants, but supply-chain issues mean those buses will be delivered more slowly. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • Greater Greater Washington has a five-part series on how to make D.C.’s deadliest streets safer.
  • Broward County, Florida’s penny sales tax for transportation is enough to fund light rail and seven bus rapid transit projects. (WLRN)
  • Lyft is withdrawing its bikes and scooters from the Los Angeles area. (Santa Monica Daily Press)
  • New Orleans lacks bike lanes in poor neighborhoods, according to a report from a bike advocacy group. (Times-Picayune)
  • The Milwaukee County Transit System is eliminating some routes and reducing frequency on others as it faces still-low ridership and the loss of federal funds. (Journal-Sentinel)
  • The Seattle DOT is against tactical urbanism, and becomes pretty defensive when residents say there’s no other way to get things like crosswalks done. (Public Cola)
  • Oklahoma City streetcar rides are free on weekends during the holidays. (KFOR)
  • Jesus didn’t rise from the dead; he was Lyfted. (Associated Press)
  • A woman who lost four fingers in a car crash as a child in Texas started making chalk art on Chicago sidewalks as a way to get outside with her daughter during the pandemic. (Sun-Times)


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