Tuesday’s Headlines Go to the Polls

  • Today is Election Day, and Streetsblog is tracking federal races and local referendums of interest to sustainable transportation advocates. Also, remember that many transit agencies and bike-shares are offering free and discounted rides to the polls.
  • The stakes are high in governors’ races, too, with transportation and climate change among the top issues in many states. (Route Fifty)
  • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been one of Democrats’ most in-demand surrogates, stumping for candidates in New Hampshire, Nevada and Michigan over the past few days. (Politico)
  • A Hillsborough County, Florida, transportation tax referendum is back on the ballot after a lengthy court battle. (Tampa Bay Times)
  • San Francisco residents love the new Van Ness bus rapid transit lines, flocking to it in more than pre-pandemic numbers. (Chronicle)
  • Testing is underway on Minneapolis’ BRT D-line, which opens in less than a month. (Star Tribune)
  • The Indianapolis transit agency IndyGo canceled a portion of the Blue Line after cost estimates ballooned from $220 million to half a billion dollars. (WRTV)
  • Atlanta will close parts of Irwin Street and Auburn Avenue as part of a study on a long-awaited streetcar extension. (Journal-Constitution)
  • More bike and scooter infrastructure is great, but Seattle should find another way to fund it than taxing scooter and bike-share services. (Seattle Bike Blog)
  • As Ann Arbor seeks to reduce speeds on neighborhood streets, some residents are upset that their “slow down” signs are going missing. (MLive)
  • A suspected drunk driver hit 10 cars and two bikes in Las Vegas, killing a cyclist and injuring eight people. (Review-Journal)
  • The cycling world was shocked by the apparent murder of off-road champion Moriah Wilson, which may involve Colin Strickland, one of the sport’s biggest stars, and highlights the differences between road racing and newer competitions on gravel. (New Yorker)


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