Monday’s Headlines Think Globally

Cyclists in Paris. Photo: City of Paris
Cyclists in Paris. Photo: City of Paris
  • Traffic deaths aren’t rising in the US as they fall in other countries because it’s a sprawling country; it’s because other nations are focused on solutions like banning cars from city centers that Americans won’t enact, experts say. (Bloomberg)
  • Transit projects would be much cheaper if U.S. politicians stopped meddling, wasting money on consultants, employing too many workers, over-designing stations and making other mistakes other countries don’t make. (Vice)
  • Walk signals that give pedestrians a head start are a simple way to make crossing the street safer. (CalMatters)
  • Nineteen states, cities and counties have a public transit referendum on the ballot Tuesday (Environment America). Two of them are in San Francisco (Chronicle).
  • But where will I park to drop off my dry cleaning? Northwest D.C. residents want to know about a proposed Connecticut Avenue bike lane project that would save lives. (Washington Post)
  • A recent L.A. Metro survey found that concerns about safety and cleanliness are driving away riders, especially women. (Los Angeles Times)
  • Denver’s Regional Transportation District might shut down part of the L line next year to make repairs. (Denverite)
  • Southeastern cities along I-20 are meeting about bringing back Amtrak service. (Railway Age)
  • Further proof that gas-tax holidays don’t work: Prices in Orlando are higher now than before Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended the tax. (Weekly)
  • Phoenix’s booming e-bike industry is being held back by a lack of infrastructure. (Axios)
  • Columbus, Ohio residents are pushing for more protected bike lanes. (Dispatch)
  • Lime is bringing e-bikes to Boise. (KTVB)
  • Austin is the latest city to consider following Washington, D.C.’s lead and banning dangerous right turns on red. (Monitor)


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