Thursday’s Headlines Are Classified

Photo: Quote Catalog, CC
Photo: Quote Catalog, CC
  • A proposed Biden administration rule would reclassify Uber and Lyft drivers, giving them federal labor protections. (Vox)
  • Rising costs and labor shortages are threatening the implementation of the federal infrastructure act. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • Even if cities don’t have minimum parking mandates, banks often require a certain amount of parking before they’ll loan money to developers. (Axios Richmond)
  • E-scooter and e-bike injuries and deaths are on the rise (Bicycle Retailer), prompting at least one city — Bloomington, Indiana — to ban them after 11 p.m. (WRTV) Which seems hypocritical, since no one is talking about banning driving late at night.
  • A foundation started by Mike Bloomberg is giving 10 cities $1 million each to build biking infrastructure. (The Guardian)
  • The Inflation Reduction Act could be used to tear down a freeway racially dividing Baltimore. (Fast Company)
  • The Pennsylvania DOT is considering changes to Philadelphia’s dangerous Lincoln Drive. (Inquirer)
  • The Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority’s new CEO is a former bus driver who headed the Toronto Transit Commission. (RT&S)
  • The Sierra Club and other groups are suing Maryland to stop Gov. Larry Hogan from widening D.C.-area freeways. (Washington Post)
  • A Florida judge took a penny sales tax for transportation off the ballot in Hillsborough County, ruling that it was vaguely worded. (WFTS)
  • Minneapolis officials say plans to route the Purple Line through Maplewood aren’t yet final. (Star Tribune)
  • Houston bike advocates are criticizing a local Republican candidate’s campaign ad that equates supporting bike trails with being soft on crime. (Houston Public Media)
  • London’s low-emissions zone and congestion charges have led to drivers replacing their diesel vehicles with electric ones, resulting in cleaner air. (Bloomberg)