Tuesday’s Headlines Are Not Yet Fully Operational

Nope, these things still don't work. Photo:  zombieite/Flickr
Nope, these things still don't work. Photo: zombieite/Flickr
  • Silicon Valley has poured $100 billion into self-driving cars, and they still don’t work. (Bloomberg)
  • Democrats’ climate law will promote more fossil fuel extraction by providing billions in subsidies to capture carbon. (Washington Post)
  • The cargo bike is the future of sustainable transportation. (Engadget)
  • Traffic violence is feeding into a mental health crisis that spawns more reckless driving. (Streetsblog USA)
  • In addition to emissions from the polluting fuel they sell, gas stations are a source of pollution in their own right. Electric vehicles will make their soil and water contamination a thing of the past by replacing gas stations with coffee shops that have chargers. (Arch Daily)
  • Drivers and parking lot owners are bucking against Philadelphia policies making it harder to park in Center City. The real question is, will transit step up to fill the gap? (Philly Mag)
  • New bike lanes opened in Philadelphia as part of the city’s Vision Zero program. (WHYY)
  • Milwaukee has towed more than 100 vehicles since a crackdown on reckless driving went into effect last May. (TMJ4)
  • San Francisco is in a fight with a union over operating hours for its iconic streetcar in the COVID era. (Standard)
  • “Highway to Heaven” actor Michael Landon’s daughter wants answers after her son was killed walking along a road in Los Angeles. (Christian Broadcasting Network)
  • One heroic Seattle Twitter user is shaming drivers who park in bike lanes. (Axios)