Friday’s Headlines Are Big and Scary

Not pictured: Upper-middle-class dad driving to work alone. Credit: Ford
Not pictured: Upper-middle-class dad driving to work alone. Credit: Ford
  • The Inflation Reduction Act squandered an opportunity to reduce Americans’ dependence on cars and shortchanged issues like transit and land use that contribute to climate change. (Metropolis)
  • Autonomous vehicles could help vulnerable communities or reinforce inequality, depending on if and how they’re regulated. (Route Fifty)
  • Meet the latest behemoth truck: Ford’s Super Duty, a six-and-a-half-foot tall pickup with a gas engine nicknamed “Godzilla.” (Transport Topics)
  • California’s ban on parking mandates near transit is a sign that the automobile’s grip on the urban landscape is slipping. (Time)
  • Likewise, D.C.’s ban on dangerous right turns on red could also inspire reforms elsewhere. (Streetsblog USA)
  • Without protections for affordable housing and small businesses, Maryland’s Purple Line will bring gentrification around stations, according to a new study. (Washington Post)
  • Ann Arbor scrapped plans for a protected two-way cycle track on State Street, citing supply chain issues. (MLive)
  • The area around Richmond’s new baseball park will be a walkable “car-lite” neighborhood with limited parking and improved access to transit. (Greater Greater Washington)
  • An obscure Oregon committee made up of freight industry representatives has the power to decide the width of bike lanes and sidewalks. (Bike Portland)
  • TriMet’s new bus rapid transit in Portland isn’t all that rapid. (Willamette Week)
  • Montreal’s car-free streets provide health, economic and aesthetic benefits. (McGill Tribune)
  • Mexico City’s decision to shift public space away from cars to buses and parklets is creating more vibrant neighborhoods. (Governing)


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