Wednesday’s Headlines Have Stalled Out

Photo: SounderBruce, CC
Photo: SounderBruce, CC
  • Transit’s post-pandemic recovery has stalled out despite sky-high gas prices, with a labor shortage limiting service and seemingly permanent changes to riders’ commuting patterns. (Government Technology)
  • President Biden will continue to push for suspending federal gas taxes despite congressional opposition and already-falling gas prices, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said during a visit to Michigan. (Detroit Free Press)
  • Banning cars from cities would create space for all the other activities people used to do in streets before cars completely took them over. (The Guardian)
  • Former top Uber executive Mark MacGann has stepped forward as the whistleblower who leaked a massive trove of company documents, saying, “We had actually sold people a lie.” (StreetsblogUSAWashington Post)
  • The application process for federal infrastructure grants still favors big cities and big projects over smaller projects and first-time applicants. (Brookings)
  • California cities are banning new gas stations as a way to fight climate change. (Los Angeles Times)
  • Charlotte’s new mobility plan aims to slash single-occupancy driving to 50 percent of trips and expand transit access for Black residents. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • A Phoenix mall could be redeveloped into a walkable mixed-use community centered around a new light rail station. (Fox 10)
  • Houston is considering building the nation’s longest bus rapid transit line. (Chronicle)
  • A behind-schedule and over-budget Honolulu rail line is supported by just 36 percent of voters. (Civil Beat)
  • Seattle has started work on an extension of Sound Transit’s Link light rail. (KOMO)
  • Connecticut’s transportation commissioner wants to use federal infrastructure funds to convert an intercity bus line to light rail. (CT News Junkie)
  • High gas prices are contributing to record-high e-bike and scooter use in Denver. (Denver Post)
  • Baton Rouge now has three electric buses, with 25 more on the way. (The Advocate)
  • Voting ends today on a name for Nashville’s new bike-lane sweeper. (WKRN)


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