Tuesday’s Headlines Are Scooting Along

lime scooter 3
  • Ezra Klein has some important advice for the Biden administration: Market liberalism has failed, and for the country to succeed, the government is going to have to move faster and start building stuff again. (New York Times)
  • As white-collar workers go back to the office, e-scooter companies are rebranding themselves as essential to fighting climate change. (Bloomberg)
  • The U.S. DOT is making available $13 million in transit planning grants to address equity and climate change. (Mass Transit Mag)
  • Route Fifty has some ideas on how to halt the rising scourge of pedestrian deaths.
  • The current crop of giant 7,000-pound pickup trucks are deadly for pedestrians and cyclists, and for everyone due to their poor gas mileage. Washington, D.C. is trying to mitigate the problem by charging higher fees by weight. (City Lab)
  • A California bill to decriminalize jaywalking has passed the state’s lower chamber. (Fox 5)
  • Emails show that San Diego officials bowed to angry drivers over newly installed bike lanes for the sake of damage control. (CBS 8)
  • A Pittsburgh city councilman is big mad that people are hanging out on the sidewalk, smoking “reefer” and eating pizza. (WESA)
  • San Antonio has added bike-share to its transit ticketing app. (NFCW)
  • Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp suspended the state’s gas tax, but drivers will pay the price in the long run. (WSB)
  • After a drop during the pandemic, demand for Charlottesville parking is increasing. (NBC 29)
  • Fifty years ago, the Interrail pass revolutionized transportation within Europe. (CNN Travel)