Tuesday’s Headlines Are #TeamTrain

The future? Oy.
The future? Oy.
  • Rural and small-town residents are being left behind as the pandemic kills off private intercity and charter bus companies. (Stateline)
  • In the early days of the pandemic, before mask mandates or ventilation measures, it appears that COVID did spread on buses and trains, according to a Georgia Tech study that compared federal travel data to confirmed cases in 52 metro areas.
  • Even the aviation website AVweb agrees that trains are a better way to move people around cities than airborne Ubers.
  • Just giving pedestrians a brief head start at signalized crosswalks can cut close calls by over 40 percent, data from Bellevue, Washington shows. (GCN)
  • Electric cargo bikes are becoming a popular way for New Yorkers to carry their kids to school. (NY Times)
  • Amtrak is seeking to use eminent domain to take over and renovate D.C.’s Union Station. (Washington Post)
  • Colorado Democrats now want to “pause” the gas fee they implemented just last year to pay for transit, environmental mitigation and other transportation programs. (Colorado Public Radio)
  • A $13 billion Charlotte regional transit referendum is unlikely to come together in time for a November vote. (WCNC)
  • A $750 million infrastructure package is up for a vote in Atlanta next month. (Urbanize Atlanta)
  • Commuters want New Jersey Transit to restore five bus routes to Philadelphia. (NJ.com)
  • A Kansas City study is the first step toward prioritizing transit-oriented development along bus lines. (KCUR)
  • San Francisco is lowering speed limits to 20 miles per hour on another dozen streets. (Chronicle)
  • The Colorado town of Cripple Creek is dreaming of a $75 million vintage streetcar system. (Mountain Jackpot)


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