Monday’s Headline Will Bring Us Together

Photo:  No More Freeways PDX
Photo: No More Freeways PDX
  • Federal highway spending has contributed to political polarization that primarily benefits Sun Belt Republicans, and means Democrats aren’t really going to push for more transit funding over roads. (Governing)
  • Proposals have surfaced at the federal level and at least 10 states to cut or suspend gas taxes to combat high pump prices (Land Line). But it’s an election-year gimmick that won’t even save drivers much money (The Hill).
  • The idea of transporting people via, essentially, giant pneumatic bank tubes has been around for over a century, but the Hyperloop was never going to work despite the hype. (Motherboard)
  • A third of the Earth’s population can’t see the stars at night, and a big reason why is poorly designed streetlights. (Arch Daily)
  • Preliminary results from Boston’s fare-free pilot program found that it’s resulted in a 20 percent spike in ridership and improved on-time performance. (Globe)
  • The cost estimate for three miles of light rail on the Atlanta Beltline has exploded to up to $448 million, jeopardizing its chances of receiving federal funding. (Journal-Constitution)
  • It’s always been targeted by Republicans, but more delays and cost overruns on the Twin Cities’ Southwest light rail line are causing Democrats to start questioning the Metropolitan Council’s management. (MinnPost)
  • A North Carolina transportation agency is removing highway projects from its long-term plans and replacing them with spending on transit and bike infrastructure. (Raleigh News & Observer)
  • St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones says the Loop streetcar could restart this summer. (Post-Dispatch)
  • Uber and Lyft drivers in Washington state will get sick time and worker’s comp after the companies cut a deal with the Teamsters union that doesn’t force them to recognize drivers as employees. (Washington State Wire)
  • West Virginia union laws could prevent the state’s transit agencies from collecting federal funding. (WFXR)
  • The Savannah city council passed a Vision Zero initiative. (WSAV)
  • A Seattle parking space is on the market for $50,000, which is more than most people pay for a car and probably a lifetime’s worth of transit passes. (KING)
  • A new Showtime series shows how Uber founder Travis Kalanick disrupted his own career with privacy and sexual harassment scandals. (New York Times)


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