Tuesday’s Headlines Are Fighting for Our Rights

Photo:  Tim Templeton/Wikimedia
Photo: Tim Templeton/Wikimedia
  • Uber and Lyft are spending millions to convince voters that exploiting gig workers is really about social justice. It worked in California. Will it work elsewhere? (Jacobin)
  • With federal COVID stimulus funds running out, the transit systems in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles both recently announced budget shortfalls and service cuts (Planetizen). At the D.C. Metro, ridership is ticking up but is unlikely to reach pre-pandemic levels, forcing the agency to pivot away from commuters (Washington Post).
  • A Bay Area Rapid Transit extension into San Jose has been delayed until 2034. (SFist)
  • Milwaukee is improving roads and building new bike lanes to curb reckless driving. (Journal Sentinel)
  • Pedestrian and cyclists deaths have reached a crisis point in Philadelphia. (Philly Voice)
  • Drivers killed a record 49 people in Albuquerque last year. (Journal)
  • With the support of cycling groups, King County, Washington, is repealing its mandatory bike helmet law. Almost half of tickets are issued to the homeless. (Capitol Hill Seattle)
  • A regional board in St. Louis voted to reopen and manage the Delmar Loop trolley, but still needs federal funding for operations. (KSDK)
  • San Antonio received a favorable rating from the Federal Transit Administration for a bus rapid transit project. (KSAT)
  • Detroit continues to build about 50 miles of bike lanes a year despite mixed support from residents. (Bridge Detroit)
  • Boston cyclists say a pilot program widening bike lanes on the Massachusetts Avenue bridge makes them feel safer, but vandals keep throwing the cones into the Charles River. (CBS Boston)
  • Development has been booming in Charlotte’s South End neighborhood since the Blue Line opened. (Axios)
  • Columbus, Ohio’s practice of routinely closing sidewalks for construction is at odds with its Vision Zero policy. (Underground)
  • After the deadliest year ever on Austin roads, new murals remind drivers to be safe and pay attention. (KXAN)